Everything about Corporate events

Sound design & installation

Art Audio sound services are characterized by expertly coordinated deployment of well-maintained equipment, skilled and cooperative technicians and attention to the ever-changing details of complex productions.

To avoid any compromise in sound coverage and intelligibility, our systems are professionally tuned and checked thouroughly before every project.


Everything about Corporate events

Visual projection

Captivating graphics and compelling video engage your audience and enhance the overall event image. High quality video projectors and screens ensure stunning graphics, clear video footage and dramatic camera shots.

Our company is also a specialist in HD scenery projection. The clarity and capability of today’s High Definition video technology allows us to supplement and in some cases replace physical décor elements with High Definition video projection.


Everything about Corporate events

Lighting design

Art Audio Lighting design team uses light as the basic element in the expression of corporate event spaces. Whether it is architectural or décor accentuation, dramatic effects, mood, or simply comfort, each event is evaluated for its unique creative opportunity.

Philosophically, the design intent is to create the proper event environment by integrating the use of concealed light sources, natural light, color, LED and intelligent fixtures, together with décor elements.