Meet the experts for the..

..perfect event on the most efficient budget.

The Art Audio team of Lighting Designers, Sound and Video engineers, together with the Event Design Staff, will work closely with you as a partner throughout every stage of the event, so that all aspects are executed flawlessly and ultimately exceed Your expectations.

Planning a wedding might get confusing, unless you rely on professionals.

Every wedding is unique. From exceptional, barefoot beach celebrations to traditional church ceremonies, each couple has the right to define their special day. Our goal is to highlight one of the most important and momentous moments of your life through music, light, and visual decoration.

We aim to bring your dream to life!


Choose the music for your wedding

Professional DJ or Live Band?

Music can make or break a wedding celebration — think of it as the heart and soul of a reception. Hiring a talented band or DJ (or both!) is a given. But how do you find exactly what you want?

It starts with asking yourself some basic questions — specifically, what type of entertainment suits your personal taste, budget, space allowances, guest demographics and killer dance moves best.

In either case, we are here to find the optimum solution for you!


Experience a romantic fairytale

DecorSpotFairyParty Lights

Art Audio design team uses light as the basic element in the expression of wedding event spaces. Whether it is architectural or décor accentuation, special effects, mood, or simply comfort, each event is evaluated for its unique creative opportunity.

We will assist to create the proper event environment, by integrating the use of conventional light sources, string lights, LED and moving intelligent fixtures, together with décor elements.


Enjoy crystal clear music

Sound design

Another important element for a successful event is sound design. Proper speaker selection and installation throughout the venue are essential to achieve the desired result in terms of quality, design, intelligibility, and power.

Our excessive inventory of speaker enclosures and systems, let us choose and integrate the suitable set of equipment that will perform – and look – best not only for the venue requirements but also for your event concept.

With more than 20 years of experience in covering live events from the point of a sound engineer, our crew has the experience and knowledge to produce an outstanding sonic result for an enjoyable music party.


Elevate the moment

Fireworks & Special Effects

The aerial fireworks have been described as the «decoration of the sky». The dazzling addition to any special moment has become synonymous with celebration and spectacle. A large number of options are expecting you to fill the sky of your Reception with countless stars, clusters of glowing «umbrellas» and a spectacular combination of colors and flares.

In accordance to all safety regulations, you have the opportunity to highlight the most important happenings of your reception (couple’s entrance, cutting of wedding cake, first dance) in the most unique way.

Contact us to discuss the various available options for performing all kinds of different shows to suit every possible need.

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